Mileage seats are capacity-controlled, meaning if seats redeemable for 12,500 miles run out, you may be doling out twice as much mileage for a seat in the same cabin.
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The airline will e-mail your friend his ticket promo music videos and you confirmation of delivery.
The cost of the ticket outright: 1,032.Verify with your airline ahead of time that you as the credit card holder will not be traveling with the person to whom you gifted the ticket and see if you can have that fact noted on your friends reservation.To guarantee the honesty etc of (a person).If you bring your printed confirmation, they will hand you the tickets.Gift Idea #2: Load up an airline gift card.Re: Borghese Gallery, if you booked the tickets and got a confirmation, then you're fine.The cost of buying a ticket outright for that same flight: 310.Adding the 180 for the 15,000 transferred reduction swarovski en boutique miles to the 25,000 purchased mile cost of 625 brings your subtotal to 805.Figure in a 50 award service fee if your friend books 7-20 days in advance (only 20 if he books 21 days or more out) and your cost of gifting him the ticket is 855.Gift Idea #3: Giving Miles, concept: Buy new miles or transfer your existing ones to a friend, who may redeem them for the flight of his or her choice.When gifting miles does pay: Delta permits you to transfer up to 60,000 miles to a single recipient.Theres also a cap on how many transferred miles your friend can receive per year as well as on how many total transferred and purchased miles he can receive per year.Then, a few minutes before your appointed time, go back outside and you wait on the steps leading up the main level, that's where they will open up and take your tickets to let you.